Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rhega's Guest Room

This past weekend I finished up my last project from Adoption by Design, a fundraiser for my sister and brother-in-law's adoption.  My friend Rhega {check out her blog On the Couch Under a Throw} asked me to freshen up her guest room that also serves as her gift wrapping room.  I went to her home back in the summer to brainstorm and take some before pictures.  It's taken several months to buy all the decor and wait for a chair to be upholstered...but it was worth the wait!  Ready to see it???







The Details

We kept the room's daybed and just scooted it over a bit so the side table could fit next to it.  My inspiration for the room was the art work of Rhega's youngest daughter.  I loved how colorful it was and knew this Anthropologie quilt was the way to go!  We kept the neutral yellow walls, allowing all the accessories to take center stage.

Rhega and I chose a rich teal that matches the quilt and found an upholster to update the chair that had been in the room..  The upholster also made coordinating pillows from a striped fabric.  The key to mixing patterns is to go to for opposites in the same color palette.  A busy plaid in these same colors would compete with the floral, but the stripes just compliment.

I looked all over the place for just the right lamp for Rhega's room and eventually found it at TJ Maxx.  Because of the large scale of the room and furniture and that it would be the only piece in the corner, I really searched for a large, hefty lamp with color.  I found a lot of neutral lamps but I needed color to pop against the pale walls.  I loved that this lamp brought out the navy in the quilt and contrasted against the teal chair.  The gold accent at the base tied it in with the gold accents on the wall shelves on the other side of the room.  I also just love the stone finial too!

Above the gift wrapping station, I hung two shelves I found at Home Goods.

They are perfect for crafty bits and pieces like pens, buttons, and washi tape!

The bar at the bottom is originally intended for a towel rack, but Rhega can use it for leftover ribbon, tissue paper, etc.  Practical storage can be beautiful too!

One of the first items I started shopping for on this project was some way to hang the artwork so that it was easily changeable and fit the size of paper Rhega's artist uses.  I had seen these magnetic poster bars a few weeks before and was excited to find a project to use them on!  It's simply 4 magnetic bars that you connect at the top and bottom of the art.  They come in different sizes and we went with two sizes that accommodated both horizontal and vertical pieces.

The wall above the TV presented a problem in that it was large but oddly shaped with the TV in the middle.  I opted for an asymmetrical look, stacking the pictures to the left of the TV, allowing room for more art to be added.

 Happy to have a client like Rhega who was willing to try something unconventional!

Rhega was so much fun to work with and I loved adding so much color and personality to her guest room!  Even though Adoption by Design has ended, I'd love to help add color and personality to your home!  Complete the contact info in the right sidebar for more info.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Living the Dream

A good friend of mine interviewed me for her blog {which you can see here}...take a second to read more about my business....

Hey everyone! I’m Katy and I’m a girl with many loves…the Lord Jesus Christ, my husband of almost 4 years, my family, my hometown, my fur niece, Chic-fil-A and interior design…just to name a few!
I’m practically a Huntsville native having moved to the area when I was in first grade. I’ve left briefly a few times- to attend college at Pensacola Christian, to intern at Camp Victory in South Alabama and to live in Jacksonville, FL with my husband after we married in 2013. Fortunately, we have moved back to Huntsville now, and being back in Huntsville and living near my family is definitely my happy place!
I work at a local church as a ministry assistant and in my free time I like to cook, blog, attend Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and shop!
For about a decade, I’ve been helping friends and family decorate their homes and corporate spaces. I love helping everyday people work with everyday budgets to create beautiful and personal spaces.

How did you get into running your own business?
Since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to all things home- especially beautiful spaces. My family used to explore home construction sites in our neighborhood, analyzing the floor plan. I also grew up watching my mom take great care in decorating our home.

Around 2006, friends started approaching me to help them decorate their home. For a couple of years, my client base was a few friends who let me hang their pictures but over time, my friends told other friends who told their friends and word spread, creating a larger client base, which allowed me to expand my services beyond just hanging pictures (though I still love that part!).

I eventually got business cards and started a design blog, to get the word out that I’m here to help the everyday person beautify their home.

What was your greatest challenge?
My greatest challenge has always been acquiring new clients. In 2013 I moved out-of-state when I got married. During the three years I was gone, the momentum in acquiring new clients dwindled. I have a handful of faithful friends who hire me occasionally but I’d like to see my business keep growing to include new clients and projects.

How do you balance it all?
One of the best aspects of running my own design service is that I set the hours and fees! I work a full-time job outside the interior design industry, so weekends are when I’m most available to clients. The initial consultation is usually about 2 hours, which involves seeing the space and making a plan, unless it’s a project I can start immediately (like hanging pictures or arranging furniture). My clients understand that family time is important so we work around both our schedules.

What’s your favorite thing about what you are doing?
My passion is helping clients make their home a retreat that reflects their family and personal style. I
especially like helping clients with little or no budget (though I don’t turn down a large budget!). I love bringing order, color and personality to a space. There’s no need for people to live with empty walls or pictures hung too high! No matter the budget, one of my favorite things to do is shop my clients home, gathering items from other rooms, the attic or the garage. Not only is it free, but finding hidden pieces or using something in a new way is a great way to add personality and family history to a space.

Did you have mentors, formal training, or did you learn as you went along?
My bachelor's degree is in Home Economics and includes several courses in interior design. In 2011 I completed several classes toward a UAH’s College of Professional and Continuing Education Interior Design Certificate. After taking those classes, I enrolled full time in UNA’s Interior Design program. I was halfway through with that degree when I got married and moved out of state for a few years.

All my classes were beneficial and helped me further develop an eye for, color, space planning and design.

What’s the key to making your business work?
Clients! I rely heavily on word of mouth, so sometimes it’s hard to acquire new clients. I also have to fight some people’s misconception that hiring a designer is only for the wealthy. I try to keep my fees affordable so that anyone on any budget can afford to hire me. I’m also willing to keep all work and any purchases within a set budget.

What’s coming up for you that you are looking forward to?
I just launched “Design from a Distance” a new service that allows those outside the Huntsville area to hire me to design a space. A long distance client can email me pictures of their space and complete a design questionnaire. I will send them back paint color and fabric suggestions, a space planning floor plan and an inspiration board with suggested purchases.

What advice do you have for another woman thinking of stepping out and starting to live her own dream?
My advice to those women would be to go for it! Though many of us need to be in more mundane jobs to make ends meet, having a creative outlet injects energy into my life. Start small by reaching out to friends and let word of mouth be your best marketing tool! It’s better to live with an extra 2000 business cards than to live with the regret of not pursuing what you love.

Monday, July 10, 2017

DIY Wall Decor

If you remember from some other posts, I've been able to decorate my office over the last year.  We have our "Win Wall" where we track the year's events and numbers...

And we have our leader wall with snapshots of all our volunteers...

The only wall I haven't tackled was the one above my desk.  I've been ready to replace these posters with something that matched the rest of the office vibe.

Well...drumroll...the posters are gone!  I'd been seeing an idea on Pinterest for a while and a few weeks ago, bought my supplies and now the wall looks like this...

I bought 12x12 cork squares in two tones at Hobby Lobby and spent an hour or so cutting them into hexagons (after watching an Youtube video on how to cut a perfect hexagon). My goal was a freeform, asymmetrical design so after a few dozen Command Hooks, I just love the new look!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hall Bath Update

My friend Melanie contacted me about updating her hall bathroom.  She had a Bible verse she wanted to design around so I stopped by her home to take some "before" pictures and make a plan.

Melanie loved Deuteronomy 32:2 "Let My teaching fall like rain and My words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants."  We knew this verse needed to be the focal point of the room so I designed the layout and had a friend paint it on a board from Hobby Lobby.

I looked at shower curtains online and they started at $80 so I was so pumped to find this one on clearance at Home Goods and it was perfect!  I loved the bright colors and it was only $11!  I was excited to find bathmats and towels in the exact shades of green and blue I needed.

This shade of blue and mint green must be hot colors this season because I found a couple of art pieces that were perfect for the space.  These flowers were on clearance from Hobby Lobby.

See how pretty they match?

The alcove was a bit more tricky because the toilet isn't centered on the wall.  By using an asymmetrical piece, I tricked the eye into thinking it's all centered.

An important thing to remember when decorating is to be flexible.  All three art pieces ended up on different walls then where I had planned.  If you buy what you love, it will all eventually "go together" and work in your space...it might just take a few adjustments.

Melanie might add a piece of burlap ribbon behind the verse by to give it more weight on the wall.  This isn't the wall I was expecting to hang the verse on so I didn't have burlap with me.  I learned an important lesson that day: always travel with emergency burlap ribbon!

Melanie was happy with the refreshed look and said it made her morning routine happier which makes me happy to hear!


Melanie graciously hired me for this project as part of Adoption by Design, a fundraiser helping my sister and brother-in-law with their adoption fund.

I'm still booking Adoption by Design appointments through July so contact me to get a date on the calendar!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fiesta Rehearsal Dinner Decor

I was so honored and excited when our friend, Meg, asked me to help her decorate for her son's rehearsal dinner!  She had already decided on dinner at Rosie's Mexican Cantina so my job was to jazz up their party room.

Before meeting with Meg for the first time, I collected ideas from Etsy, Pinterest and other sites and made inspiration boards to share with her.  We made a plan and between the two of us started shopping to buy all the supplies.

The weekend before the wedding, Meg brought all the supplies she had gathered to add to what I had gathered so that on the day of the event she could just show up and celebrate!  On the day of the Rehearsal Dinner my design assistants (Moma & Daddy!) and I spent a couple of hours at Rosie's getting the room all ready.

The result was better than we expected...even the staff at Rosie's loved the end result!  Most importantly, Meg and the happy couple loved it too!

Greeting guests was this chalkboard outside the room...

Meg rented lime green tablecloths that helped punch up the decorations.

I knew I wanted to create a backdrop behind the bride and groom and fell in love with large Mexican paper flowers and a 3 foot tall "S" piƱata from Etsy.

The flowers came flat so I just had to fluff and tape up!

For the head table, one of Meg's friends made us 3 flower arrangements...

The vases were lined with limes!  Don't you just love that!?!?

For the centerpieces I used mini Mexican blanket runners, multi-colored bottles, mini cacti in cans with raffia ribbon, candles, flowers and personalized Mexican flags.

These are real mini cacti!  We found red, pink and yellow topped-cactus at Home Depot a few months before the rehearsal dinner and Meg was able to keep them alive until the party.

These personalized Mexican flags from Etsy were my favorite part of the decor!

I also totally loved the custom menus we had designed on Etsy.  For party favors, Meg made homemade salsa and I topped that off with a custom sticker!

It was so fun to create a festive and beautiful space for the wedding party!  I hope all those little, personal touches helped make their evening all the more memorable!