Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shop Your Home

Why has it taken me this long to hear the phrase "shop your home"!?!?!  That's been my method for years but I now I have a name for it!

Because so many of my clients have small or non-existent budgets, shopping your own home is often a great solution!  And sometimes it helps to have an outsider (like myself!) to walk around your home and see it with fresh eyes.

Need to freshen up your home office?  Let's shop your garage for that piece of tin that can be used as a memo board.

Just because that one picture has hung in your dining room for 7 years, doesn't mean it can't be moved to a bedroom in great need.  Then let's hang mismatched plates in the dining room!

Remember that random collection in the attic that has no home?  Let's change up your boring hall bath.

My favorite part of shopping your home is finding unconventional pieces to decorate with- a chunk of an old fence, your grandmother's quilt, your kid's snowboard, a gigantic enlargement of a favorite recipe.

When you're ready to shop your home, give me a call!

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